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The following is a list of presentations which can be requested to be delivered either in-person, or virtually through GoToMeeting (self-hosted/provided).

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Program Title: Essentials of English Evidence
Experience Level: Beginner
​Geographic Specialization: England
Program Outline: With history dating back over a thousand years, England has one of the richest sources of records in the world. A question often asked is, “Where do I begin?” We will explore the most popular record collections in England and Wales to help guide you down the path to continuous success in discovering the lives of your ancestors. Syllabus will be provided.

Program Title:  A Lemon in the Lemon Tree
Experience Level: Intermediate
​Geographic Specialization: England
Program Outline: Families are known to have generations of children and grandchildren with the same name. When this plays havoc in your family tree, you’ll need more than the certainty of being in the right place at the right time. We will explore an example in my own English family, and the steps I had to take to disprove family lore derived from a mistake made over a century ago. Syllabus will be provided.

Program Title: Who are the British Home Children?
Experience Level: Beginner
​Geographic Specialization: Canada, England, Scotland
Program Outline: For seventy years (1869-1939) over 100,000 destitute children were sent from British streets and orphanages to Canada to become domestic help and farm hands. With over fifty sending agencies, these children were primarily placed in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Québec, Ontario, Manitoba, among other locations. One in ten Canadian’s are now descendants of Home Children. This program is an unknown piece of relatively recent history in Canada. We will learn about the program itself, and how to go about locating records and identifying if an ancestor was British Home Child sent to Canada. Syllabus will be provided.

Program Title:  Find The Missing Evidence
Experience Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Geographic Specialization: England
Program Outline: How planned out are your searches in databases and record collections? Do you want to start improving your search technique? We will explore the alternative approach to avoid the one-stop shop search with many of the most popular online English collections, as well as some smaller less known databases.

Program Title: Rejuvenate and Stimulate: Taking a look at your current-state family history research
Experience Level: All
Geographic Specialization: Canada
Program Outline: When was the last time you went back over the research you have already done? Does your pedigree need a facelift? We will look at the why’s and how’s of refreshing your family history research. Syllabus will be provided.